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A bowl of soodleicious soodles.
by Dr. Oataract February 7, 2014
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I asked a soodles out, but she said no
by soodlesbiggestfan February 7, 2014
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Soup for bald 40 year old computer nerds. Especially for the dyslexic
by Ricky WideLoad February 8, 2021
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The phrase silly soodle is used to discribe an extremely silly or idiotic person. The 'soodle' is added onto the end of the phrase to add emphasis. It also raises questions as to what a soodle actually is, however, the answer to that question is still unknown.

Variations include: sillie soodle, sillie soodel, and silly soodel
"Alicen is such a silly soodle"
by Deamo The Toad Man August 12, 2007
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sarah lovely is literally a soodle (aka soods) she slays like a mother fucking boss and you wish you were soodle
I wish I was soodle, because she slays.
by soods the nig March 18, 2018
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A less crude, more appropriate name for a child’s genitaia, more specifically the nut sack.
Those kids have exceptionally small, hairless noodle soodles.
by Ethantyrobi November 23, 2017
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