A beautiful girl that is very kind, polite, loving. They are a bit silly at times which makes them fun and random. They enjoy characters who can wield magic and have epic adventures. Not very preppy but very down to earth. They are smart and question almost everything. They are also very forgiving but stern. A Alicen is very rare and I mean it. They make very good friends and are easy to talk to. It's like you can almost say anything to them. The best part a Alicen will brighten up your day even if you don't think they did.
Person 1: Do you know a alicen?

Person 2: Oh yeah she is the sweet girl that's in my Geometry class.
by Trooper521 December 7, 2012
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A generally good looking girl. She is a bit insane, but its a good thing. She is usually a person who is obsessed with nintendo characters, such as Mario. If you don't know an alicen, well, you should meet one right away, because they are some of the most fantastic and interesting girls to walk this planet
Boy 1: Damn! That girl is fine!
Boy 2: Oh yeah, thats Alicen
by OrangeAndPurple August 23, 2011
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a purdy girl who tends to hang out with freaks named cami and emily. they aren't cool, but they don't care. (: she loves a boy named roger, for reasons i don't understand (; and she likes to make signs for her friends when they're lonely.
DAMN! There's Alicen. She's got a nice a$$$.
DAMN! There's Emily beside her. She's got no a$$$.

by loverlover354364 August 17, 2010
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