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A derogatory term that may be used in anger to show your anger.Not to be confused with son of a bitch which only nerds and squares still use.
man-Your favorite father died last night.

boy-"Son of a shit!"
by Steven J & Hambone June 09, 2008
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When you leave a situation or place thinking you are finished, but as you are leaving you realized you have not. So you begrudgingly return to finish the job.
Example 1: "Son of a shit! I stashed the weapon and washed my hands of their blood before we left, but I forgot to feed their cat since it'll now go hungry. Be right back..."

Example 2: <Walking away from the bathroom after cleaning up and you suddenly exclaim> "Son of a shit! I feel a smaller one peckin'. Need to get back to the john and finish dropping off the kids."
by Smiffleblurf September 22, 2016
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