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Someguy827 is a controversial YouTuber. He opened his channel on September 2006 and didn't upload videos with any regularity until around 2009. His uploading started to pick up around January 2010 when he began to rant on and eventually stalk YouTube's favorite fucking villain, Onision. The trend of ranting on Onision went on until early 2012 when he decided to 'move on with his life' because 'Onision wasn't relevant anymore'. Someguy was supposed to just go into obscurity until around August-September 2012 when Onision married an underaged 'woman', which naturally enraged SG827. This began a glorious golden age of video making and where the true stalking began which lasted until August 2013 with the whole #TurtleGate2013, when Onision killed a turtle. This was done to stir up controversy to get SG827 to make videos on Onision again since SG827 decided he once again wanted do something other than rant mindlessly at some idiot online. Beginning with a response to Onision's '9/11 Fail' video in September of 2013, this marked the end of the glorious golden age and at some point in January/February 2014, SG827 like the bastard he is, took down and unlisted and basically hid those amazing videos, depriving his newer subscribers of some truly amazing content and actually moving on with his life. Ever since he's done this, the quality of his content has dropped especially since he's stopped ranting, and he's slowly fading back into obscurity although he's too blind to realize it.
That someguy827 should go back to ranting on onision
by Charliefromthebronx July 06, 2016
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