The idea that you will not be attractive to all women who you approach. Eventually you will meet a woman(or vice versa if you are a woman)who will like you back.
Joe, were you successful last night at the club? I was but it took me a while. It's a numbers game.
by Mike413 July 28, 2017
refers to engaging in specific sexual positions.
( e.g. "69", "55" )
Hey, baby...want to play some number games?
by mc11 March 24, 2006
going to a public place and asking for people's numbers...see how many you get
hey wanna play the number game?
nah no one likes you
by definer33333 June 2, 2010
A stupid ass trend/game/fad that has recently popped up on Facebook. To play this "game", you post on your wall that you want your friends to message you with a number. After the number is recieved, the original poster posts the number, as well as his/her thoughts about the person.

This would not bother me so much if it didn't flood the hell out of my wall. I check my FB for a grand total of 10-15 minutes each day, and this is all I see.
To quote one of the posts:

" The Facebook Number Game - send me a # (0-500) to my inbox and ill tell you whats good. I'll post the number along with the answer on my page,
so only you know who it's about"

What a load of shit. Its already bad enough I have to filter through all the game updates, pointless status posts, and all the general crap Facebook has added in the last year.
by WackyJack December 9, 2010
It's an opportunity to increase peoples already large ego's which = definition of a cunt!
Numbers game on facebook, example.... 23565 - I'm a player and I want to fuck you.
by Keepingitreal. December 9, 2010
Any ridiculous number or statistic commonly associated with sports and the crazy statistics you can put up in a video game.
Sportscenter: "Tom Brady put up video game numbers by throwing for 5 touchdowns last night.

Or In the Work Place

Boss: "Did you see how well Jim is doing in sales."
Employee: "Ya he is putting up video game numbers."
by The King Of Board Play December 8, 2010