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1-A drug used by the masses in Aldulous Huxley's book A Brave New World. It would be used on a daly basis by the citizens of this futuristic society in small doses to dull the senses,or keep people impassive and unfeeling. In special circumstances, a high dosage treatment of Soma would be given to someone who feels unhappy,or otherwise emotional at all;this procedure would be reffered to as being "on holiday" because the person being treated with Soma would be in a state of stoic extacy(Soma is a pill).Soma is the perverbial tranqualizer of the masses,much like TV or POP culture is in this day and age.
2-Also a great song by The Strokes
3-A fabled Psychotropic(makes you high) plant supposedly found in India and used by the first intelluctual race of humans.
4-A herb smoked for relaxation, sold mostly in head shops as an alternative for marijuana.
1-Bob,so what if your wife died,get back to the party,all you need is a Soma.
2-I just heard Soma on the radio,man the strokes rock!
3-Many have searched,but none have found the fabled,perfect drug, known as Soma.
4-I just got some Soma from the head shop,let's mix some with our weed!
by NeonBandit September 25, 2003

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