A soldier that doesn't fight for honor or pride but for money and fame. A game based off someone who has actually lived this life is Soldier of Fortune 1/2.
John Mullins is a soldier of fortune.
by blake March 12, 2004
A soldier or actual civilian that is hired by private sources to do the "dirty work" for others who are too scared or skillfully lacking to do it themselves... other terms are Mercenary, Dog of War and Pawn. You remember the game Metal Gear Solid? ...well Solid Snake was a Soldier of Fortune, so if you remember what the story was about, you'll find out exactly what a Soldier of Fortune does. They are also kept top secret and thier existance is denied and all records of them of everything they've ever done gets destroyed, because what they go out to do, they hardly ever come back because they generally have nothing to lose.
Private miller: oh man! last night on watch, I saw a man dressed in military uniform stalking alone in the middle of the jungle! He was all alone and his uniform didn't look like any army i'v seen before... he killed one of our look outs without any of us knowing, he must have been so skilled and quiet to get away with that!

Colonel Hemmel: Holy shit! We got ourselves a Soldier of Fortune on our hands!
by hotdoggy October 15, 2006
The drug mule who gets through customs and safely back to the hotel to shit out his coke.
I felt the 'mule pressure' at customs. Cartel in anus. Made it to the hotel. Pushed hard..Then released my soldier of fortune.
by ^^!$#@ July 6, 2019