short for episodes. people got so lazy that the first 2 syllables drop out sometimes
i was watching old lost sodes with mike and sara the other day
by hiphophead293847 August 10, 2009
South Delhi
if you're dumb and still didn't get it , it's sode for SOuth DElhi
person1: vo banda dikh rha hai
person2: vo chutiya sa?
person1: haan, vo sode hai
by PseudoBigCock May 7, 2022
A shortened term for "so disc".
*Disc being a shortened term itself of "disgusting"*
To be sode is to be repulsive in looks, nature or anything else, really.
1. Did you see Morgan Freeman's face? He's sode.
2. I have to do army homework. Sode.
3. That bitch is SODE.
by FourHecks April 29, 2015
An episode, usually of a TV program.
The guy from the Matrix was in today's sode of House.
by NBF User August 31, 2005
That motherfucker. The dopest fucking MC on the damn planet. The almighty. What god aspires too.
Man, If they got better, DoseOne and Aesop Rock could be so sode.
by Sode March 8, 2003
When a man or woman, particularly a woman hides half of her/his hands with his/her jumper or jacket contributing to a moe look.
Whoa! Look at that moe-sode! +moe 100%
by master.am79 March 24, 2019