An optimist; one who thinks humans can possibly give up their greed for the betterment of the world.
Socialism is a dream impossible for humans because they are greedy bitches.
by Kaladbolg June 29, 2003
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Someone too weak and lacking in will to accomplish anything on their own and thus require big government to steal from others and supply them with a decent lifestyle.
Bernie Sanders supporters love being socialist because they want everything for free and have no motivation to earn it themselves.
by DanTheUrbanDickMan January 22, 2019
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1. An individual who supports the ideology of socialism, which aims to give workers control of their industries. Socialism can be revolutionary or peaceful. This is not to be confused with Stalinism (state capitalism) or communism (utopian egalitarianism).
2. {U.S.} A person who disagrees with conservatives on three issues or more.
1. Bernie Sanders is not a socialist; he isn't left-wing enough!
2. Following:
Grandpa: Did yall vote for that Kenyan lee-brul?

Me: Yes, I did.
Grandpa: And yall support ObamaCare?
Me: I'd prefer single-payer.
Grandpa: Yall are a lee-brul, ain't yall?
Me: No, I'm a progressive.
Grandpa: Yall are a socialist.
by not_the_bern March 28, 2016
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A word that the trump following uses to describe anyone that they don't like
"He thinks trump did literally a thing wrong and isn't the second coming of jesus? He must be an evil liberal socialist"
by Biggus thiccus diccus July 09, 2019
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Someone who beats a conservative in a debate and is some one who is not conservative
That socialist wants everyone to have free stuff
by Pandora215 October 02, 2019
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