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1. the stimulation or manipulation of one's own ego for self-gratification, through the use of online social networking media

2. self-gratification by (i) maintaining a presence within online social networks and (ii) believing that having online "friends" or "followers" means you are actually popular
Social netwanking was his favorite pastime, so Jim didn't believe that playing with yourself on facebook can make you go blind until it was too late...
by Antisocial Networker October 22, 2009
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1. Verb: using pictures of contemporaries added as 'friends' on social networking sites such as Facebook in order to arouse and stimulate oneself.
Phrase coined by David Swift in 2009.
Fancy coming out for a pint, Percy?

Not tonight mate, I'm going on Facebook for a bit of social netwanking.
by FS2460 February 15, 2010
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