The big mammoth type creature Big Bird sees when he's on acid
no one but Big Bird can see snuffaluffagus cuz big birds always on acid.
by Mr_Blanko February 6, 2005
When I guy tucks his balls and dick behind his ass cheeks, then bends over. It will look like an elephant if the man is man enough to have a big dick.
Girl 1: omigawd! I opened up my curtains last night and guess what I saw!
Girl 342354: What?!
Girl 1: Peter and his friends pulled a snuffaluffagus right in the window!
Girl 23244111: Eeewwwwwiiieee
by Oprah Whinfrey February 18, 2009
1. a word that means sex but you use this word cuz you don't like to say sex
2. a fuzzy big woolly mammoth type thing on seseme street
sesame street
1. they had snuffaluffagus
2. i saw the snuffaluffagus on tv when i was watching w/ my little bro
by Ali Banana January 7, 2005
1) An imagenary creature (purple mammoth)

2) A sexy person named monica
1) Man I'm seeing a snuffaluffagus!!

2) Man, that chicks hot! Who is it?
It's a snuffaluffagus.
by mike kornoff June 13, 2008
The act of a man placing one's testicles over a woman's eyes and flopping his penis over her nose; resembling the bug-eyed character from Sesame Street.
Christie was passed out on the couch, and I gave her a snuffaluffagus. Her eyelashes tickled my balls.
by Feed me a stray cat September 23, 2010
A boyfriend or girlfriend in which no one has ever met. The supposed occurance of snuffaluffagi has been dramaticaly increasing due to the popularity of long distance internet dating.
Bob: "Man I hardly ever see Dan anymore since he started seeing that new girl and no one has ever met her. I think he is datig a snuffaluffagus"
by Bushmonkey March 31, 2006