when a guy cums on his stomach and then he (or someone else) puts his penis onto the cum and moves it back and forth on his stomach, making snow angels on his tummy
"Damn Emily snow angel'd me last night and it was nastaaaayyy"
"Nasty in a good or bad way?"
by theasianhoe February 1, 2020
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beautiful a girl that is so beautiful that to look at her is like staring in to the heavens up above it is bliss she is bliss she is completely undescriable this girl this snow angle is pure love
this girl she is a snow angel she is my love
by where here some where November 16, 2007
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blowing your load on one's face then preceding to rub the cum in on their face by spreading out your fingers as many times as needed until an angelic figure forms
brent sucks dick.
brent sucked my dick.
after brent sucked my dick, i gave him the worst snow angel since Vietnam...
by jBIGG47 December 27, 2008
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When a male stuffs a female's vagina with cocaine, then sticks his two fingers inside of it, then spreads his two fingers apart, then closes and repeats the process.
I will snow angel her by the end of the night.
by Harry Ballzania January 6, 2008
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a SNOW ANGEL is when it snows and someone make an angel with the hands and feet.
man:"my duaghter loves to make snow angels
by candyman420 March 2, 2012
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The sexual act of using gravity to provide momentum to propel yourself into your partner who is excitedly waiting in the starfish position 6 foot into the snow. To perform the position, ensure you're excited and jump out of the window of a 6 storey building, shouting "Snow angel!" onto your waiting partner. With a bit of luck, the penis will slam into the vagina.
I snow Angeled Becky the other day! It was alright, but I may have snapped my dick.

Feeling daring, Dave readied himself on the 31st storey of his office building. He screamed 'Snow Angel!' and threw himself off the building. Upon reaching the snow, his manhood slapped into Ethel's vagina, causing severe pain for both.
by snowangelexpert March 16, 2016
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When a girl gives two foot jobs, and two hands jobs at the same time giving the motion of making a snow angle.
Bro you remember that girl that did the snow angel? she did it again.
by hockeyfiend21 August 13, 2011
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