A facial tissue or square of bathroom tissue screwed into a tapered spiral (resembling the blending stick used by pastel artists), which is used instead of a finger to excavate a nostril (for reasons of hygiene or disposability).
She: "Eew! I can't believe that you're using a snot snail in front of me!"

He: "OH? Would you prefer it if I used my finger to get out the booger? Or if I used yours?"
by Boreal Badger July 10, 2008
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To be so painfully slow that it is slower than a snail and about the same speed as a snail's snot.
Damn, I really wish this old lady would get out of the way, she's driving as slow as snail snot

I've been waiting hours for this download to finish, it's about as fast as snail snot.
by Reaper1242 August 31, 2010
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Something running very slow
slow moving person
Your moving slower than snail snot on a winter day
by bearhunter01 December 3, 2011
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