We just burst out laughing, and this one guys snortled, and it ruined the moment.
by weirdgirl27 November 11, 2009
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The sound which emanates from a cat when they go to town on their own arse.
Beth: Jesus, what's that sound?
Ron: Sounds like a snortle from your cat. Damn, he's really going for it over there.
by Mr B. Johnson April 27, 2020
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The half snort, half chortle noise made when amused by something ridiculous, but trying to avoid laughing out loud.
I couldn't help but snortle at her witty and unflattering description of her ex.

A: ... but it wasn't very good.
B: *snortle*
by BeeCan November 7, 2006
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To snortle means to chortle (laugh) with a snort. It's a business/finance joke

Then, when I will pay the bills that you have sent me, and I will pay with the money that you loaned me at no interest.
And while I am paying you with your own money, I will be snortling to myself, at your own stupidity.

Go to Youtube and put in 'One RingyDingy' and you'll see Lily Tomlin doing her famous snortle.
by Big Ed June 13, 2008
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A laugh that explodes from the nostrils.
"Casey Crawford likes to wear her high school cheerleading outfit and snortle in the mirror."
by Monsoon Ghunter February 17, 2017
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wheezing/laughing while making a giggling sound
Alex: "stop snortling you sound like a dying pig"
by freakydeakygirl May 14, 2010
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