A word used to illustrate a sound, commonly in comic books.
Snik describes the sound that occurs when the claws snap out of Wolverine's knuckles.
by Glacial Spain June 28, 2007
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a body of water that grass grows on and rocks can float on (also normally has a 3-4 inch thick layer of foam on top)
the rock was thrown onto the snik and it landed with a thuddddddddddddddd
by cabachigamer May 12, 2022
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Another word for an old hairy women. Generally smells bad as well.
Damn look at her she's a freakin Snik!
by Tony Dek December 4, 2013
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To cry, used online a lot.
Is dutch.
Person1: Hows you?
Person2:He dumped me Snik!
by txt_eva October 30, 2004
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Greek Super Trapper.

He is a super trapper, who has won more than 19 awards.

Some of them are: God Of Greek Music(G.O.G.M)(yrs 2021), Most Talented Greek Singer (yrs2018,2019,2021), Mad VMA Best Rapper (yrs2017,2018,2019,2020,2021), The greatest achievement of his career is when he won the Greatest Rapper WorldWide(yrs2021). And since then his popularity has exploded
-Who's your favorite RAPPER??
-Snik of course!!!!
by Posidonas November 20, 2021
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It is the skin at the base of the penis before the ball sack. Much like a frontward taint.
Man, I got this weird red spot on my Snik-sag, i should have left that hoe alone!
by Lemarcus September 20, 2006
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