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An urban derivative of sneaky, but more commonly used when secret missions are on the plan.
Also associated is the snealy look, a look of supreme sneakiness with undertones of smugness and arousal. This has been adopted in favour over a handshake.
Beth the owl had a snealy snealy plan.
by Sam D'witch April 07, 2005
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Adaptation of the work sneaky, the art of sneaking away from work to go on a gambling mission.
"Want to go for a lunchtime snealy today weng weng?"
by Weng weng October 30, 2007
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A common typo that occurs when someone is so excited about engaging in 'sneaky' activities, that when trying to explain their devious behaviours, their finger slips when attempting to hit the K button and press the L button instead, which is located directly beside it on a standard qwerty keyboard.
Jamie: 'Kristi, how did you manage to smoke an entire bowl of crack in front of the police station without getting caught??'

Kristi: 'It was simple! I pretended that I was having an asthma attack and disguised my crack pipe to make it look like an inhaler. I'm so snealy!'
by Reckless Mizzle February 11, 2011
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