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The male form of ratchet.

Typically ugly, smelly and may or may not be missing most of his teeth. He produces very low level "music videos" with other snaufs. He will wear any red or blue article of clothing he can find regardless of what it says or represents. His most prized possessions are his new shoes. He frequently uses words like "BAE", "lit", "fam", "turnt"...etc. He often brags about how hard he is but has never won a fight in his life and frequently cries to female friends over the jail phone after being arrested. A snauf knows no racial lines. He can be white, black, brown, yellow, tan, purple...etc.
Dude look at Jonny. He just got arrested but didn't start talking shit until after he was in hand cuffs. What a snauf.

Did you see Greg's new music video? He's so snauf. The camera is shaky and he stole the beat from Lil Wayne. Also his lyrics are stupid.
by Pete McSkreet December 30, 2016
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