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when a female is sitting down and the bush is showing
look over there its a nice snatch shot
by Richard Morin July 29, 2004
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A particular drink that is made by making a bitch stand on her head while you fill her pussy with Goose. To take the shot grab her and pick her up like a huge goblet and enjoy.
Husband: Honey I'm kind of thirsty.

Wife: Would you like a Snatch Shot?

Husband: Yeah, that's what I was getting at.
by colby Maddog smith April 29, 2009
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A photographic image of the holiest of holes and/or surrounding area, generally captured accidentally on purpose by papparzzi. Not to be confused with 'snapshot'.
Paris Hilton used to be a favorite subject of snatchshots, but she has been surpassed by Britney Spears.
by Bonneedee July 15, 2011
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