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Twat + Snatch = Snat. Synonymous with cunt, hairless paper cut, bearded axe wound, slit, Yeast-powder biscuit , box, sloppy joe, pink taco, roast beef, vagine, pussy, Baby carriage, Bazoo, beaver, blackbeard's closet, bombo, cabbage patch, chimney, Chicken's tongue. clam, cock inn, cootch, dead end street, Doodle-sack, Finger hut, Fuck hole, Fur burger, muffin, grand canyon, Jelly bag, Little man in a boat, long-asian-eye, love muscle, Meat grinder
Moose, Muff, Oyster catcher, Pit, Poontang, Rat trap, slot, socket, Spermsucker, cum tissue, bucket, The grindstone, Vacuum, and cave.

Women your snat smells clammy.
by joe o'brien November 29, 2006
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The beer known as natural ice, also known as natty's. But since it is so snaturally delicious, it is called snats! Snatties are cheap as heyll and they have a 5.9% alchohol content, which is way higher than all them other beers. Some people say it tastes bad, but F*CK them!!!!!
O man joe, i dun had to many snats, im gunna fight my mom, (throwing up), i luv you joe, gimme some mo snats!!!
by Colin Stutzman December 18, 2005
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When a person sneezes and shits him or herself (in the past tense).
Did you hear? He totally snat himself on her couch!
by Azn Hottie September 01, 2010
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Special Nigger Arrest Team

a fictional police force made up by some ppl from an essay i read
Shit! SNAT is here. bounce!!
by KaW September 14, 2006
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combination of scat and snuff style films. It must be done in the proper sequence, or it doesn't qualify as a "true snat" film. First one scats, and then one snuffs.
I walked in on Chris and his cousins, Amy and Kim, smack dab in the middle of filming a new snat video. It was weird
by leadbelly1970 September 25, 2010
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The offspring that occur when a snake and a cat mate. This animal has a cat head,cat arms, a snake body, and a snake tongue. When the creature is happy or amused, it may say, "Smeow." However, when this creature is alarmed or angered, it will strike and say, "Ssssssss!" This creature is found on the east coast of the United States of America. Many people fear this creature, such as Tim Gunn and Ace Frehley.
by Gunnette #2 March 27, 2007
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