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A moron, someone who, when born, never took the pussy off his head.
That fucking guy is such a snapperhead.
by Crusha May 04, 2004
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When a person says or acts in a manner that is incredibly stupid. Generally, a person who is an air head, or they lack the intellectual ability to interrupt the people around them with a useless comment or action.
Having just had my second interview for a new job, my friend Jane comes to my current place of work to congratulate me. In front of my employer shes asks me if I got the new Job. "What a snapper head!"
by MCC61 September 26, 2009
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One who has a shit eating grin or smile for no reason.
Quit acting like a Bettes snapper head and get to work.
by MO December 12, 2004
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a person who lives in or hails from New Jersey
I was about to move into the left lane when a Snapperhead in a pick up truck came out of nowhere and cut me off.
by total genius January 03, 2010
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A women who uses her snapper in order to persuade, connive, or "come up on" money or anything material from men.
That fucken Snapperhead made me think I was going to fuck, only for the soul purpose of me buying her those concert tickets!
by King Snapper November 23, 2008
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Man with a small penis, a small penis.
Frankie never changed in front of other people, or had a piss in a urinal due to his snapperhead penis.
by Rupert Tippens May 16, 2006
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