when people want you to respond to there snapchat story. the same as someone putting talk on there story.
bob : “bored snap back”
jim : “hey!”
by ali25 April 12, 2020
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When the effects of a drug wear off, and you "snapback" to reality.
"I was chilling for like 4 hours after smoking a j, and then I had a snapback."
by RogerNihlock April 25, 2019
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The quick tighting of vaginal or anal muscle back in to shape after sex
Dont worry about my pussy I got the snapback
by StarRose918 May 08, 2019
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To send a snapchat so fast that after it sends you still have time to reread the first message sent to you.
OMG man, Jessica just sent me a snapback; she must be hella desperate
by crystalplatinum February 02, 2015
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A vagina that returns to pre childbirth elasticity after sex. So good that works
Cindy apparently has Snapback since she's never had any children at 45 years old.
by Jg979823 March 18, 2018
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A comeback to an argument to which observers of an argument say "Oh, snap!"
His snapback was "Yo mama so fat small object orbit around her"
by hooligan356 January 01, 2007
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to Gape ones asshole, and insert your balls, not penis, and let go of the ass and let it snap back on the nut-sack, and then projectile vomit on the girls vagina
jake: ive always wanted to try a Snap Back
chris: dude your gross as fuck
jake: its not even that bad
chris: your gnar as fuck
by the one kid with a nose March 22, 2011
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