the phrase that replaces 'holy shit' after your christian friends tell you to stop cursing.
person 1: *stubs toe* holy shit! that fucking hurt
person 2 (a.k.a. christian friend): don't curse. it hurts the lord.
person 1: *stubs toe again* holy christ! that effing hurt.
person 2: *sigh*
by joyanonymous June 10, 2006
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A more "embellished" phrase of the classic saying "Holy shit"!

An example of when to use it would be after excessive amounts of exertion to illustrate the mixture of exhaustion and lack of giving a crap about whats coming out of your mouth.
1) "Holy christ on a crotch! You almost got pancaked by that car!"

2) "Holy Christ on a Crotch, 'huff', thats a lotta stairs!"
by Grenstone September 22, 2011
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Robin: Holy Hobbling Christ on a Crutch Batman! The Joker really clobbered you with that one!

Batman: Shut the fuck up Robin.
by Anthony Gally July 13, 2007
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like jesus christ but made out of cheese

he does gooda things for the Penicillium people
-man1- you gots the monke drip drip

-man 2- holy ravioli cheesesus christ of marrys asshole
by monke drip boi January 19, 2022
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another way to say Christmas.

A very merry way to speak like Dane Cook,

without using his direct words.

on accout of, he hasnt said this directly.
but its so like him he might as well of said it.
Guy 1: Bro, what do u want for Holy Christ Day??
Guy 2: A pimpcup and some Christ Chex.
Guy 1: I can do that.
Guy 2: I wanna open up the box and it to say AAAMEENNNN.
Guy 1: Dane Cook?
Guy 2: Inderectly.
Guy 1: oh, so is Holy Christ Day.
Guy 2: Ahh, i see.
by stripes is not my name September 23, 2009
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An expletive used when falling of a stool backwards and performing a perfect barrel roll with minimal injury.
"Bwahahahah" ... "oh, Holy Christ in Hell!"...
by MikeLaserstorm69 November 25, 2018
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