So many people have asked what a Snakle is... Here's another chance to explain.

It was the year 2001(roughly, can't remember exactly). Anyway, I was playing rogue spear with some friends that I'd made online. We used to play rogue spear a lot, cuz he was the only one on.... ANYWAY... one day he made a typo of my name, Snake... to Snakle.

I changed my name to snakle... and he got mad cuz i was kinda making fun of his typo... but yeah. I kept Snake while playing rogue spear. In americas army... I was sure that there had been million's of Snake's due to metal gear solid and such.... SOOO, I thought... and BAM it came to me. I had to be Snakle!

To this day I've kept the name Snakle thanks to Bullet(he was the one who made a typo of my name).
Snakle Just Owned All of the Noobs
by Craig aka Snakle November 28, 2004
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The true name of a Snake made up by mah idiotic friend, Snakle Numbah 2.
"Me and Bullet (his friend) were playing Rouge Spear late at night. My name was Snake and suddenly bullet says Snakle. I was just playing around but it really annoyed him that I made fun of his misspelling of the word. I set it as my name and since then every first person shooter I've played, my name has been Snakle... I'm a true Metal Gear fan, but I believe that Snake was suppose to be named Snakle!"
Snakle really pwned him!
Aw, Raiden pwned the Snakle.
Snakle? I want a Snackle!
by Lucas January 25, 2004
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