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So many people have asked what a Snakle is... Here's another chance to explain.

It was the year 2001(roughly, can't remember exactly). Anyway, I was playing rogue spear with some friends that I'd made online. We used to play rogue spear a lot, cuz he was the only one on.... ANYWAY... one day he made a typo of my name, Snake... to Snakle.

I changed my name to snakle... and he got mad cuz i was kinda making fun of his typo... but yeah. I kept Snake while playing rogue spear. In americas army... I was sure that there had been million's of Snake's due to metal gear solid and such.... SOOO, I thought... and BAM it came to me. I had to be Snakle!

To this day I've kept the name Snakle thanks to Bullet(he was the one who made a typo of my name).
Snakle Just Owned All of the Noobs
by Craig aka Snakle November 28, 2004

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