That horrible combination of rain that is not quite snow...but soon will be.
Basically, it's airborne precipitation that fluctuates mid-drop, and can't seem to make up its mind whether it's rain...or snow...
(This word was created by Stephanie Tyler, of Eaton Township, Ohio.)
"Be careful driving tonight, dear--it's snaining!"
by Diana Tyler March 1, 2005
A combination of snow and rain. It's like slushy water(hydrogen oxide) falling out of the clouds in the sky. Not cold enough for snow but not warm enough for rain. The snain is in the soquid phase. Between a solid and a liquid. When the snain is falling out of the sky, it's snaining! H2O(l) ⇆ H2O(s) is basically liquid water and solid water at the same time, or H2O(sqd) which is soquid water, or soquid (sqd).
Wear your gloves and scarf and rain coat, it's snaining outside. Look at all that snain!
by HawaiianPunch1 December 20, 2021
A slushy mix of snow flakes and rain droplets. The outter layer of a snain flake is soft and slushy while the inner core is icy. This wintry mix makes walking and driving rather fun
Donna had a great time playing in the snain.
by Guido April 25, 2005
A mix of snow and rain. Either wet snow or slow rain.
Wear your raincoat and your mittens its snaining outside.
by Dr. Morris December 13, 2012
Verb: Pronounced (SNAYN): To rain and snow at the same time, usually uncomfortably cold when doing so, mostly happens when you arent prepared for the weather. Michigan is the only state it seems to happen in.
Good lord is it really Snaining? I'm freezin my cheeks off here.
by bonesaw11 November 17, 2010
A meteorological phenomenon characterized by simultaneous precipitation of snow and rain, beginning shortly after the end of summer
It's always snaining in Erie, Pennsylvania.
by tsutsugamushi October 16, 2009