when hubris and ignorance combine to create blindness
Bari Weisses is smugnorant when it comes to facts.
by dequsee February 5, 2019
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when sanctimonious middle-class, centrist Democrats unironically accuse other white people of having white privilege whilst being oblivious to their own class privilege.

Another example is when they accuse an actor of playing a white saviour in a film whilst acting like a white saviour themself in their denouncment of said actor.
Katie is such a smugnorant dipshit. She supports candidates with predatory economic policies and still thinks she's woke because she pays lipservice to equality.
by Celebitchy February 6, 2019
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The confident ignorance of a foolish person.
In his smugnorance, Johnny really thought that girl was impressed with his witless attempt at humor.
by MICHAELANTONIO December 19, 2016
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Most mainstream media"news" hosts suffer from being smugnorant, although unaware of their syndromes due to large amounts of smugness and ignorance
ANRIFA, is the result of large groups of smugnorant people get together and feead off each other
Democrat's are smugnorant people who Beam with pride when. They tell of their infanticide/amilkions of bortions
by Marty's ass September 25, 2020
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