The pussymaster. Has total control over the pussy.
You see smouse over there? He destroys pussy.
by smouze November 8, 2011
the last name of the gayest fuckin mofo this world has ever seen
When the fuck is Smouse going to shut up? He knows its time for his butt fuckin
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
To Smouse..
To,"shit",Poo,Crap and or Deficate on a car Bonnet.
"i been out smousing car baaad Man!
Smouse the bicthes car! "you been smoused"
by zzif May 19, 2011
A term used for any person who is clumsy, a little lame, or otherwise corny in personality or looks.
That girl keeps spilling her drink, she's the house smouse.
by bexbexbex April 1, 2021