The last name of someone who isn't retarded and know when people screw with him. A Swedish mouse. Plural: smice.
Dude, smouse just got revenge on that b1tch.. They actually fvcked with smouse? Smouse is gonna kick his ass if something like this happens again. I have a smouse in my house.
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A mixture of the word "sweet" and "nice". Don't ask where the "M" comes from.
1: Yo, did you check out my mixtape?
2: Yeah bro, it was SMICE?
1: Sweet and nice? Where does the "M" come from?
2: Who cares?
1: Smice!
by Sandeberg January 12, 2015
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the last name of the gayest fuckin mofo this world has ever seen
When the fuck is Smouse going to shut up? He knows its time for his butt fuckin
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
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v. to smice is the action of propelling a human-powered vehicle, such as a wagon, scooter or skateboard, by pushing against the ground with one leg/foot while the second leg/foot remains on the vehicle. smicing, smiced.
When I was a little kid in Vancouver, BC, I played with some neighbour kids, and we would often smice our wagons down the block, shouting, "We're going to Montreal, we're going to Montreal!"
by Randi DeLisle May 20, 2007
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