Smol bean is a way to explain something that is too cute and innocent for this world.

Why bean? Because its so tiny and smol
Noah schnapp is such a small bean

Gaten is a smol bean hust look at him
by Strangerthingseleven March 22, 2017
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Whereas a Smol Bean is something petite and cute (usually used in fandoms) a Smol Beans is an insult. It depends on usage.

to compliment one person: Hi Smol Bean
to insult one person: Hi Smol Beans
to compliment multiple people: Hi you Smol Beans
to insult multiple people: Hi you bunch of Smol Beans
Smol Bean: Brendon Urie is a such a Smol Bean with a big forehead and I love him so much.
Smol Beans: (to my brother): "Shut up Smol Beans, no one cares."
Smol Beans: Say hello to all of my students, these beautiful Smol Beans.
Smol Beans: "Go away you insolent punk bunch of Smol Beans."
by Shadoe5722 May 21, 2016
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Small and cute. Something you want to hide away from the world and protect. Deserves to be rolled into a burrito blanket and snuggled.
Zack believes that Hannah is a smol bean, yet he is incorrect as HE is the smollest of beans.
by Chuuya's_knobC November 12, 2017
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The people who bully you in Royale High and say you look like a Barbie/Slender

Don't be fooled by their short stature or their ugly hoodies and poor people accessories, these girls/boys are VICIOUS.
My sister: Oh wow did you see that Smol Bean over there?
Me: Yeah..they're so ugly and had the nerve to call me a Barbie..smh.
by Gracemeow January 24, 2021
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