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n. a beer that is made in ireland. a red and full beer. delicious
i love me some smithwicks!!! its great!!!
by what a dirty September 24, 2008
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(Noun) A Jedi Warrior who has over-consumed cauliflower. Typically the over-use of cauliflower inhibits the use of the force, as an example, Mace Windu had attempted to utilize a force push on an enemy but instead had a poop. Surgeon General Warning. Excessive use of cauliflower in Jedi can cause harmful side effects including Nausia, Heartburn, Liver Failure, Irreversible Kidney Damage, Gender Confusion, Death, and an insatiable drive to listen to music from One Direction.
That jedi is a real Smithwick, someone must have fed him Cauliflower. I'm not cleaning this mess up.
by lnarchist April 02, 2017
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