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smilte is the hottest motherfucker you will ever lay your eyes on. She's like a lithuanian sex goddess. She's foreign, tall, blonde, and drop dead gorgeous. smilte is a fucking geometry whiz. She'll make you laugh so hard that you'll shit bricks. Everyone wants to be a smilte.
smilte: 360! 360!
guy- oh hot damn, smilte turns me on
by fuckyou_MeowIlluminatiMeow January 05, 2015
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Smilte is a girl with fair hair, usually foreign i.e Lithuanian, She has very bad writing, She can be such a crazy bitch, Has serious anger issues, basically shes an ogre with mood swings, she gets very annoyed when people pronounce her name as "Shmilta". She is a gay faggot, She is actually sometimes pretty. She gets pissed off very easily.
Guy 1- Hey, Isn't that Shmilta over there?
Guy 2- Don't call her shmilta she gets pissed off! Her name is Smilte.
Guy 1- Oh shet, Okay
Guy 2- What a faggot
by MeowIlluminatiMeow December 04, 2014
Happy St. Patties Day!