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facial hair confined to the chin, similar to a goattee. derived from the irish smig which means chin
Hey dude love the smig
by charco106 March 22, 2008
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A smig is an all purpose word, such as the word 'fuck'. It has many meanings and can be used in almost any context. It generally breaks down to some one being a 'slut' or a 'whore', but due to the flexibility of the word it can also being used in a loving manner as well. The word smig can be used to describe an action or when ever you feel it is needed to add more flare/flavor.


"Jaime I think you are an evil smig!"


"Wow, Danni, you are the most beautifulest smig I have ever met."


"Steph, I can not believe you smigged it up at the bar last night."
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Sergeant Major Instructor Gunnery. With their instantly recognisable white hat they have the ability to scare both Gunner officers and soldiers alike. An excess of technical knowledges leads to quizzing (some may say annoying) the gun position with subjects no ones knows about, and the truth be told, cares about. However when it all goes pete tong they are the first person everyone silently cries help to. Not to be confused with the milkman due to appearence.
infantry officer: Why the fuck is there a milkman on the gun position?
Gunner: no dickhead that's a SMIG
by A gunner February 04, 2010
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Common slang in the East Palestine, Ohio area for a cigarette. Almost exclusively used in East Palestine, but may also extend to very close areas such as Negley, Unity, and New Waterford. "Smigging" is the act of smoking a cigarette.

"Can I bum a smig"
"Front porch smigging"
"Go to Hilltop, they won't ID you for smigs"
cigarette marlboro newport cig ohio smig
by OG Bob Wright August 13, 2013
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The act of smoking. Usually either a joint or a cigarette. When smoking a joint the word "joint" is usually referred to as a "jig" because it sounds awesome. Accordingly, a cigarette would be abbreviated to "cig," in this case. Rarely, a 1337 sector of cool people will use the term before the joint has even been rolled. In this case, rolled becomes, "rig."
(1)"Yo im gonna smig a cig right after we smig the jig."
(2)"Smig a Jig?" "Word."
(3)"Yo, Rig that Jig!"
by liam44 March 30, 2008
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