a smick is a sum wee lad hu hinks he is hard as nails n uses these words n phrases very often "liek" n "goin 4 a swal e nite lads" llf
any wee lad frm belfast llf
by lauren April 06, 2005
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The west belfast version of a townie well actually from any pasrt of belfast, like there sports wear and fake gold chains and alice knows them all :D
That smick stole my car
by I ROCK May 18, 2003
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Smick is a mix of smooth and slick. the word smick describes anything which is cool. The word has evolved from the use of describing men and women whom think they are slick into a word to now describe or exclaim a cool thing.
boy1: i met this chick on the weekend
boy2: smick!
by jules borvanick February 11, 2008
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a smick is sum wee lad hu wears fake burberry caps , ben serman pair of jeans, brown shoes a bergaus or a peter storm (PETER SMICK COAT) r both!!! hav a blu bag wif blu drink n hink dey r hard as nails dey wear al gay chains n braclets n fink dey r al mad!! dey usually say " il gna get wapped out liek" but put it dis way id rater a smick dan a spice boi any dat llf dey r a disgrace
any wee lad frm belfast xcept spice boiz
by big balls frm da falls April 06, 2005
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an individual of irish and latin descent. most probably a catholic, with a larger predisposition than most for keeping down alcohol and kicking ass, or these combined. also prone to discrimination and has powerful ancestors that could include vikings, mayans, celts, or azteks.
"so how are the smicks, paco?"
"well, breandan's gone to jail, and I'm about to pick up rosa at Alcoholics Anonymous!"
by saoirse'94 November 22, 2007
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1: To suck a d**k (S for "suck", M for "my", and ick for "d**k").
2: F*ck you, f*ck off, or just "f*ck".

"Smick, Smick, Smick, bitch!"
by Toes August 11, 2006
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