Sme is both what you do and don't want it to be, the embodiment of all you hate yet all you love at the same time, as time and space coalesce into one: Sme.

Sme was born in Ermacez's Twitch chat on 28/11/19 as Jen the Enlightened One discovered its existence that fateful day. Her life has never been the same since coming across it.
Jen: "How're you doing today?"
Phasma: "I'm feeling rather sme today."
by IIPhasmaII November 30, 2019
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An acronym for Shit, Masturbate, Eat.

Usually what one does after a night of work.
Aaron: Hey, upload that video

Ahmad: I will later bruh, I just got off work so I'm gonna SME.
by lololwhiteamerica December 12, 2011
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This term or title is often used in the work force, to declare an individual a "Subject Matter Expert." Office douches that are appointed to this position are most commonly "experts" only when it comes to "Satisfying Men's Erections."
Ron the SME that he is, took one sweet hungry hard look at Dave's erection. Knowing exactly how to handle that, he began to shout "Come here big boy!"
by PresidentSantis January 20, 2015
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The act of working for complete morons that have the vocabulary skill of a literary genius but the common sense of kid with down syndrome that just smoked crack.
"Dude my job sucks, this is a total SME job!"
by isoskepsis September 22, 2011
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“I have a test today and I didn’t even study for it, SMES”
by Smackthegnat November 20, 2019
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A small squirt of piss and shit. Kind of like a shart with the added bonus of a little peepee.
I just saw Colleen fall on her ass after trying to walk in her wedges, I laughed so hard I SMEed my pants!
by SULET May 25, 2012
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small to medium enterprise(s)
small to medium sized enterprises
SME(s): Hang on tight for a tough financial year ahead
by chadcam December 18, 2011
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