1) suck my dick (can be used literally, or angerly)
2) shake my dreads
1) example 1: look at those dick suckin lips, she can smd any day

example 2: fuck her man, hate that hoe, she can go ahead and smd

2) use instead of saying cheese when taking pictures

"1-2- smd shake my dreads!" works way better than saying cheese
by johnxzzz November 21, 2010
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Girl: I swear I thought Rabbits Ribbet.
Guy: Seriously? SMD.
by Neleigh June 10, 2012
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A word you can use as a rebuttal when someone's calling you gay.
Ron: We lost some handsome guys again.

Marny: You gay bruh!?
Ron: SMD
by Anonymousmoderator July 20, 2017
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here have this but smd
by dgfhgtrh September 15, 2017
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another word for suck my dick yay

8----------> O=
joey: smd
Leann: what the fuck?
joey: suck my dick
Leann: ohhhh ill suck it real good baby
by thats what she said hoe May 10, 2009
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