A realization that Albany is a small city; more like a small town then a "big" city.
Fred! Great to see you again - it is a small world - it is smAlbany!
by smAlbany July 2, 2015
The capital of NY. So named because of its diminutive size, especially compared to New York City.
Mark: Hey, you want to head to x-gates?

Tom: Smalbany, that's gheto!
by DEC February 14, 2005
Albany, NY is not as small as Albany, CA, though.
"Albany, NY! More like 'Smalbany'!" said guy1.
"Heck no, Albany, CA is much smaller, it isn't even on most maps!" responded guy2.
by guy2 May 14, 2005
The live event held annually in Albany NY focusing on the technology needs of small businesses.
That's a really cool T shirt! Where did you get it? I got it at smAlbany '08, great show and great guidance.
by Larry Zimbler July 21, 2008