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The "pet name" invented to describe the greatness that is the indomitable Samuel L. Jackson. It doesn't represent him, but more his chi, or spirit that he so elegently displays in his films. Can be used to desribe something that is related to his work, him, an ass w00ping of great magnatude and is worthy of Smagley,or someting of devine greatness. (such as Master Chief)
"Yo you see that movie with Smagley in it?" asks John.
*John slaped for asking such a stupid question*
"Of coarse you retard." replies Frank.

"Wow that Hillary Duff concert was smagley!", said John.
"Didn't I just fucking warn you about not ruining the greatness of Smagley?" Frank asked kindly.
*Frank reaches into John's throat and removes his lyrincs*
"Now stop being a bitch...and don't bleed on my carpet or i'll fucking go all Smagley on your bitch ass!" Frank told his friend with glee.
by Drizzt Do'Urden September 04, 2005
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