a word to describe a woman of loose morals
heather shure is a slutbucket
by da fonz October 14, 2004
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a bucket full of slut.

in other words a hoe.
omq kimberly , you're such a slutbucket =

by Christinabaybee2 April 13, 2008
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A whore. One who steals boyfriends and has sexual intercourse with about every guy she sees. Thinks she's very hot, when she cannot fit herself into a normal size pair of jeans. She will also be seen wearing "Muffin" tops. That pushes all of her "blub" out of the bottom of her shirt. She occasionally will make you puke in your mouth, or better yet, all over her face.
Dude, your mom is a total slutbucket. Guess what we did last night...
by HeatherFeatherSkadurski April 12, 2007
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a derogatory term used to describe a girl that has done something to annoy you.
"I'm sorry, I forgot to bring your tempeh and your raisins"

"You're a slutbucket!"
by icanhaz April 1, 2010
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Is a woman who is very permiscuious in her nature and knows it and wants to change.
I used to be a slut but now I am a slutbucket.

After being a slutbucket I gave my life to christ because next it was either God or Girls.
by Christina Campbell November 28, 2007
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1. an insult--
yo mama
yer sista
ya girl
trick up tha block

2. a person that gets all her possetions from pple they hav sexual intercoarse with, or do sexual favors

3. don't get it twisted-- it could be YOU!
you cant borrow $2.00 from a $2.00 hoe, then she just a hoe! --matterfact that slutbucket owe me money!
by tee hee January 23, 2004
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Noun. /sluht-buk-et/ A girl who likes to have sex with multiple partners and lets them cum in all three of her orifices; pussy, ass and mouth as many times as they like. Her holes act as a receptacle or “bucket” for the mens’ semen, thus making all three of her holes “buckets.” The combination of a slut that lets men use her holes as cum receptacles is a slutbucket.
That Slutbucket has taken ten loads of cum in her holes today.
by Pixystixx December 16, 2015
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