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a word to describe a woman of loose morals
heather shure is a slutbucket
by da fonz October 14, 2004
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1) One who greatly enjoys being a gigantic slut, or cum guzzling whore, aka cum dumpster
That girl sleeps with everyone on campus, she is a big huge slutbucket.
by tiki December 10, 2004
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A person of the female persuasion who cavorts about, with, or on men to a great degree
Paris Hilton, Cleopatra, female who would walk down the 'boys' hallway for no purpose other than to fraternize with opposite sex.

"Man, those girls always walk down here like they own the place... slutbuckets."
by EP Thorn June 17, 2007
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(n.) a word used to describe a girl who is very, very slutty
Girl 1: Have you seen Mariah?!

Girl 2: I know! She turned into quite the slut bucket over the summer
by OreoSpeedwagon August 23, 2011
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Noun. /sluht-buk-et/ A girl who likes to have sex with multiple partners and lets them cum in all three of her orifices; pussy, ass and mouth as many times as they like. Her holes act as a receptacle or “bucket” for the mens’ semen, thus making all three of her holes “buckets.” The combination of a slut that lets men use her holes as cum receptacles is a slutbucket.
That Slutbucket has taken ten loads of cum in her holes today.
by Pixystixx March 25, 2016
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A bucket or pail filled with bleach used in conjunction with a steel wool brush to clean the penis of disease after intercourse with a dirty woman
Oh Matt I have done it again! I slept with that whore.

Don’t worry Chris. Go home and use your slut bucket to clean that shit up
by Rodpermadur July 10, 2018
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