when a somebody gives a guy mad head slurps their dick like theres no tomorrow and then spits their seed into their ear with making elaphaunt noises.
"Did you hear jenny gave jared the double gluck slurp 8000?"
by bornedmcbeef January 4, 2021
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When a guy slurps up a woman’s period blood and spits it out their mouth like a fire breathing dragon and continues to fuck her
She was on her period so i gave her a dragon slurp
by Atominicc February 2, 2021
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In a parallel universe, where reality is flipped; The animals do the talking and humans are the pets. 'DUCK SLURP' is when a human excessively licks a DUCK to the point where it's uncomfortable enough to ask the human to leave it's 2 bedroom apartment with a sink that has a tile chipping away on the far left hand corner next to the enormous cum rag next to the 5 year old childs tooth brush that the mommy DUCK bought from the corner store on a lonely Saturday night when her husband was away sticking his tiny DUCK penis in another female DUCK.
Nigel: DuDe I went and done did a DuCk SluRp.

Toby: Dude that's radical man.

Seth: Gnarly dude.
by Jerenity Muntle The 69th August 3, 2018
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The act of eating ass; annalingus
E.g. Billy went home and turd slurped the hell outta his girlfriend.
by Schmorgan May 24, 2018
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