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n. (pl. sluppies) - A woman who is attractive, likes to have sex, does so with multiple men, and possibly women too, for the sake of having enjoyable sex without any negative, ulterior motives, such as gold-digging or going after an enemy's ex-boyfriend. It is a portmanteau word, combining 'slut' with 'puppy'. The word should be unnecessary, but given the bad connotations often associated with 'slut' in contemporary times, the word has been coined to describe the good women in society that make life better for many men by being open to casual, sexual relationships.
Thank Thor for sluppies or I'd never get laid!


Sara's great; she's such a sluppy!
by KungKalle July 02, 2010
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Upper-class college girls who dress-the-part at festivals like Bonnaroo. Slut + Yuppy= Sluppy
Leah rolled her eyes as a group of sluppy girls recited opinions about Old Crow Medicine Show they'd Googled the day before the show as their own.
by Zentrovert June 10, 2013
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A woman who is both a slut and a yuppy (or yuppie). This usage was coined by Tiny Miyen in Sydney, Australia in 2007.
That tandoori tan makes you look like a sluppy.


If we arrive at eleven the sluppies will already lubed up and it won't cost us so much in drinks.
by The Real TJ Ortega August 08, 2010
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-one who is both a slut and a prep
-a slutty prep
that girl is so damn sluppy...she gets around
by 0 1 June 18, 2005
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