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The feeling you have after getting knocked out for being an ass in a fight, usually an unexpected blow.

AKA getting slumped and then eventually waking up with a headache and all that knocked out stuff, Ala missing teeth, broken ribs, and lumps on the head from the slump attack.
"I was a jerk to the wrong guy at the bar and he slumped the crap out of me.

"I woke up feeling slummpy as all hell, double vision and the works.

"Hopefully I can drive home with this concussion, boy am I feeling sleepy..."
by GhettoNeophyte February 18, 2009
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depressed and quiet but in a cute way. too move slow.... not having in pep in your step. just real layed back and goes along with the flow and doesn't say much. Just picture how a sloth moves and acts.
Hey wait up your walking too fast i am feeling slummpy today.
by Dojo Wah September 01, 2006
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