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a slowly performed blowjob
damn, rebecca gave me a slowjob the other night. i couldn't hold back my load after only a minute, and it still gives me chills thinking of it.
by ruff ryder February 25, 2008
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Either the most infuriating or the most outstanding oral sex technique. A slow job is a blow job at quarter speed. If you've got a guy with his hands restrained, a slow job might just be the most fantastic genital to mouth contact he's ever had. We'll call this Scenario A. Taunting, teasing, with plenty of eye contact. That guy will be completely under the spell of the sexual partner for the entire session. Not so if the male has just simply been promised a blow job. Then a slow job is tedious, and will make the blowee hate the blower a little bit and either wish they'd hurry the fuck up or pack it in altogether. Scenario B sure sucks, but not in a good way.

Can have consequences, such as spontaneous grabbing of the head and savage thrusting into the mouth, leading to potential teeth scraping injuries, possible gagging and dirty looks exchanged for weeks to come. However, the male should remain blameless for his reaction, as inexpert slow jobs are a form of torture, and not all men are trained to deal with that.

Slow jobs should only be attempted by those capable of making scenario A a reality, or those fully prepared to accept the aforementioned consequences of Scenario B.
"I had the best slow job last night. I was handcuffed to the banister and she just spent a good half an hour at least on sucking my cock. It was legendary"

"I had the worst slow job last night! She said she was going to give me a BJ, so I thought I'd have cum by the time NCIS started. But no. It went on and fucking on, and I got bored and grabbed her head to finish it quicker. She bit me and called me a prick. Worst slow job EVER"
by MagickDio April 19, 2010
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A slowjob is an extremely slow blow job where it can take up to an hour to cum.

The shortened word for slowjob is slowie.
Hey girl, give me a slowjob, because I am way to horny for a blowjob.
by RUAIRIWILLIAMS July 10, 2017
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The act of allowing a mentally disabled individual (male or female) perform fellatio (sucking of the cockage region) for your own pleasure completely disregarding the fact they are retarded
Hey guys you wont believe this! Bama just got a slowjob from that retard girl.
by Zee Dubya Es May 23, 2009
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