Slow your roll means to "slow your role." or chill the fuck out.

A commonly misunderstood slang term due to that fact that it is often mispelled. Although a valid interpretation is possible with the incorrect spelling intact, the phrase makes little sense to individuals who are less knowledgeable.
Black Guy: Yeah 'B', i had to tell them niggas at work to slow they rolls na'mean

White guy: Yeah! But why would they want to lessen the amount of money they make?

Black Guy: Na bruh' I mean CHILL the fuck out.

White guy: But how are they susposed to get diamonds if they are making less money?................
by treanglin July 29, 2004
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1. to slow down, chill out
2. derogatory expression towards obese individual(s)
1. "Hey man, slow your roll. We aight."
2. "That bitch with the five big macs and back titties needs to slow her roll."
by betch101 May 3, 2011
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When a guy is having sex with a fat chick and she is on top, and her rolls go up and down
Hey baby! I think we should have sex and I wanna you to slow your roll
by rogue16 August 21, 2011
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Slow the vehicle down.
slow yo roll foo, aww yeah there be some nice bitches all up in this mua
by phlux December 4, 2002
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1)To settle down

2)to stop whatever is happening that is annoying you.
Geez...Slow your roll, I will fix the damn toilet when I get to it!
by Yoqif January 15, 2011
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