Slow your roll means to "slow your role." or chill the fuck out.

A commonly misunderstood slang term due to that fact that it is often mispelled. Although a valid interpretation is possible with the incorrect spelling intact, the phrase makes little sense to individuals who are less knowledgeable.
Black Guy: Yeah 'B', i had to tell them niggas at work to slow they rolls na'mean

White guy: Yeah! But why would they want to lessen the amount of money they make?

Black Guy: Na bruh' I mean CHILL the fuck out.

White guy: But how are they susposed to get diamonds if they are making less money?................
by treanglin July 28, 2004
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1. to slow down, chill out
2. derogatory expression towards obese individual(s)
1. "Hey man, slow your roll. We aight."
2. "That bitch with the five big macs and back titties needs to slow her roll."
by betch101 May 02, 2011
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A phrase used to put someone in check after a rude or illogical comment.
"Slow Your Roll" Example

Girl to Coach: Does this student trainer know what she doin'?

Student trainer: Girl you need to slow yo roll, you must not know that I work here. I'M GROWN!!!

Girl: I didn't expect that.

Now "Grown Trainer": I bet you didnt...now get outta my class!

Class: oooooh
by BestFlyer March 12, 2009
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An impolite denial to a fat person by an uninterested party that is way out of their league. This applies to both male and female situations.
Fat guy: "Hey, we should go out some time..."
Hot Chick: "Whoa, slow your rolls, tubby...not interested."
by November6 August 16, 2009
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Meta/u/(person1) and /u/(person2): Slow your roll

You two like to post a bunch of things about __________ from _______ and the like. While I personally don't enjoy the content, you aren't breaking any rules, so my qualms are irrelevant.
That being said, I do feel like there's a bit of an issue when I check /r/________ and I'm met with pages of posts by (/u/insert name here) or (/u/insert other name here), with occasional breaks to show a post by someone else. You guys are obviously new-ish to this subreddit, so I'll explain you a thing. /r/_________ has always operated with ____ posts, (other thing i.e dank memes), and other such (insert post type)posts. These are now being absolutely buried by the nigh hourly posted links to "neat _________"
Clearly I'm in the minority here when I say this, judging from the upvotes you guys suck from lurkers. Though perhaps you will listen to an important figure here. (Note how I pretend that being important means I post comments here sometimes and more than 10 people know I exist.) I'm not asking you to stop, It's nice to have more posts, I just don't want it blotting out the (post type(s)) posts. ________ brought me to the sub, the _______ made me stay. This is true for many of us here, even if such a statement seems alien to veteran Redditors outside of /r/______.
by trinkeMilch March 27, 2016
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