Meta/u/(person1) and /u/(person2): Slow your roll

You two like to post a bunch of things about __________ from _______ and the like. While I personally don't enjoy the content, you aren't breaking any rules, so my qualms are irrelevant.
That being said, I do feel like there's a bit of an issue when I check /r/________ and I'm met with pages of posts by (/u/insert name here) or (/u/insert other name here), with occasional breaks to show a post by someone else. You guys are obviously new-ish to this subreddit, so I'll explain you a thing. /r/_________ has always operated with ____ posts, (other thing i.e dank memes), and other such (insert post type)posts. These are now being absolutely buried by the nigh hourly posted links to "neat _________"
Clearly I'm in the minority here when I say this, judging from the upvotes you guys suck from lurkers. Though perhaps you will listen to an important figure here. (Note how I pretend that being important means I post comments here sometimes and more than 10 people know I exist.) I'm not asking you to stop, It's nice to have more posts, I just don't want it blotting out the (post type(s)) posts. ________ brought me to the sub, the _______ made me stay. This is true for many of us here, even if such a statement seems alien to veteran Redditors outside of /r/______.
by trinkeMilch December 17, 2015
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