Comparable to "hold on" or "hold up". Said in a state of confusion to someone saying something that you not quite following.
"Did you know birds die when they have sex?"
"No, really?"
"Yeah, well the one I fucked did."
"Slow up, what?"
by Kaperonis September 5, 2021
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A variation of the term "slow down", that is guaranteed to fuck with the general population. Means the exact same thing, but is very effective in driving people into a nervous breakdown. Usually paired with "shut up", as; "Shut and slow the fuck up"
Freddy: "Johnny, Slow up!"
Johnny: "You mean, slow down!"
by Planet Ocean November 27, 2018
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An alternate version of slow down. Typically used in a sentence to tell someone to slow down.
Friend: Driving 200 on the highway
Me: Woah, you're going too fast, slow up!
by DarkhandMasturbates May 11, 2021
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To slow down. Used in certain situations, like while driving.
Alright, slow up bc that turn is comin' up real quick.
by daisiesart December 18, 2016
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Liz: At class today this boy told me he wanted to get my lovin. Guess what I said!
Kel: What did you do.
Liz: Slow up the train man. Take yo' nonsense, pack it in a suitcase, zip it and manage. Before I kick your booty to tune town. You can even manage the train tell yo crew your nonsense and they can believe what ever you tell them.
Kel: WTH did you just say.
Liz: What my momma would have said.
Kel; (lol) omg your something else
Liz: I know! Now, please let me have a snack woman.
by Wolfdg8mys0ul00lz December 1, 2009
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the act of a girl wanting anal sex.
i want you so bad but i'm on the rag so just let me back it up slow.
by tungsten September 7, 2004
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