ugh i hate that sloof, she just stepped on my jordan’s
by lydsbitch May 17, 2018
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one who over reacts to a joke,quip, or any innocuous trifle by holding a grudge with the perpetrator for a long time.
That sloof doesn't talk to me anymore because I laughed when she chortled; the was six months ago.
by Daniel McCloud March 21, 2005
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something reely good. Used in place of cool or sweet or awesome.
aw man that game was sloof
by Beans March 31, 2004
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secretive, sneaky, stealthy (from sleuth)
after I got 86'd I had to be sloof
by Joel Mitchell November 19, 2003
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Another word for the most retarded person or people on this planet
Random guy: 2 + 3 is 10 duh
Me: You dumb sloof
by BobSponge01 January 23, 2019
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When your at someone’s house and their ugly dog slobber and snots all over you
Bobby your ankle biting dog just sloofed all over my new loafers
by Jabakabsjaz January 1, 2020
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New sport in which you combine the main elements of all sports, but never really finding the common denominator between the barrells.
I went sloofing today, it was rough.
by HoogieDowser August 5, 2011
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