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the word "Balls" (implying testicles) Spelled Backwards. It seems to have varied usage.

In the way I learned it, Often followed by an argument between the two parties at hand. (See example)
Person A: Hey Guess what?

Person B: What?

This argument often follows for those "in the know":

Person B: Dickbag/Stickbag (depending on whether person B is in JHS Percussion or not)

Person A: Down your throat

Person B: Hope You choke

A variant has Person A replying to "what" with "Sllab Dickbag," creating a role reversal and ends wit person A winning the "Argument"
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When You run up to your friend (must be a male) and hit him in the balls. You must also yell sllab, that is the most important thing. Kicking is not counted as a sllab, so don't try it. The word comes from balls backward. This is something you do for a good laugh only, and not for any other reason.
John ran up to Tim and hit him in the balls and yelled Sllab.
by kaielement November 26, 2006
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The same thing as balls but reverse. Mainly used by internet folk.
"haha, man I'm just busting your sllab
by Desmondj September 25, 2006
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"Balls" Backwards. Used to trick people who don't know what it means. waverly jumbles
Brett: Hey Mr. Geist, is today a sllab day?

Mr. Geist: Ya today is a lab day.

Matt: I have this huge foam sllab in my basement that I could use for my project

Mr. Geist: Ya, that would be a great idea.

Brett: Hey Mr. Geist, isn't there a huge concrete sllab under the carpet?

Mr. Geist: Ya we could bounce the golf balls off the slab under the carpet.
by SLLABINATOR November 27, 2006
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