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a covert sexual maneuvre when the pants of the sleeping victim are "slipped" off and the agressor "dips" his member in the victim.
Holy shit, Terry gave that broad the "slip and dip"!!
by uncle terry February 11, 2009
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Putting on your sneakers/shoes without having to tie them, then leaving.
I was in such a hurry i had to slip and dip just to get out in time.
by Fopeeps October 08, 2007
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To slip a fart and dip out of the room.
There I was getting ready to sit down and watch tv when I smelled something horrible and saw my friend walking out of the house. I realized he did a slip and dip.
by KineticRKtect September 27, 2015
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A typical black man move. He fucks a girl, gets her pregnant, then bails out on her. This is why there are many lonely moms with a part or black child with no father.
Yeah bro Im about to fuck Jenny tonight. Time to slip and dip her ass.
by xCLUESIV September 02, 2016
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