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Putting on your sneakers/shoes without having to tie them, then leaving.
I was in such a hurry i had to slip and dip just to get out in time.
by Fopeeps October 08, 2007

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Bro `broh' (noun): 18-24 year old male who wears birkenstock sandals, watches family guy, plays ultimate frisbee and wears an upside visor or a baseball cap with a pre-frayed brim.

you know. a bro.
Bros use phrases like: chill, dude lets just chill, hey bro we're chillin' you wanna get some beers and chill?
by Fopeeps November 25, 2006

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The act of pulling up your pants too soon after taking a pee and getting piss on your pants/boxers/underwear/leg etc.
"Oh that felt so good.. Damnit! I got driblets on my leg!"
by Fopeeps November 11, 2006

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