a. smooth, cool, seemingly effortless

b.can be used in sarcasm
a. Admirer: that was so slick!

b. onlooker: slick. You just fell on your face.
by ThisIsnotIronic July 22, 2008
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A word created in Oxford, Alabama that resonates through it's local high school. If one says something that is incorrect or irreproachably stupid, a fellow peer will call out the word "slick" giving the peer the opportunity to slide his/her hand across the back of the offender's scalp in a swift, painful friction. If the offender realizes his/her fault before a peer catches on, they have the opportunity to call "late" to avoid the penalty.
John: Justin Beiber is the most influential artist that has ever lived

Sally: SLICK!!!

John: Fuck, I'm an idiot.
by YellerJackett February 22, 2014
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Slick is a term most commonly used in the South, In Atlanta for example, and can be used as either an adverb or the answer to a question.

1.The use of this word can vary from "sort of" to "extremely/really" depending on how it is said or what the situation is.

**(this can often cause confusion through texting or answering a question that is too vague.)
"Damn, I drank way too much water. I slick gotta take a piss." (extremely)

"You and Nate have been hanging out a lot in the past 10 months, Are ya'll together yet?"
"Slick." (sort of)

"Did you finish your part of the project yet?"
".....Sooo...??" (?????)
by CaptainRennah October 06, 2012
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