To cheat or steal from someone
"Paul slicked my keys last night"

"Joe straight slicked me on those rolls"
by RxR January 16, 2008
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1. used to smother in the shame by skillful implementing of irony when someone messes up.
Or- You be a sarcastic asshat and dig it in when one of your buddies fucks up.

2. A guy who think's he's cool, but usually isn't, and might be more cool if he didn't try to be.
our buddy's walking down stairs with a pizza, and it slips out of his hands and falls; cheese down; onto the floor.

Your response: "Smooth move, slick!"


"Hey slick! You get rejected AGAIN? Ha"
by JesterMonkey June 01, 2004
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A girl that is between slim and thick.
" Damn she just right not to slim not to thick , she slick"
by Propagander March 07, 2014
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a group of greasy black males or females
loitering or simply just doing nothing
in a group.
Dude, I was going to go the the club last
night, but I heard it was full of slicks.
or a "slick fest"
by Ezra N July 14, 2008
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A military helicopter that has no guns or weapons.
A gunship shoud always accompany a slick when inserting or extracting troops in an enemy area because a slick has no self defense capability.
by Mark8 April 10, 2007
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A term to insult a young male who has foolishly decided to comb his hair back, resulting in a greasy curly mullet and a look better suited for a fat 18th century judge, or some 60 year old pervert who runs a stripclub of some sort.
“Alright slick!”

Hiya slick”

Hey look, here comes slick!"

"Hey slick, you look good man!"
by Colonel Jim December 04, 2003
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